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We help you Improve your Health -  Inner Peace - Reduce Stress - Boost your Energy

Breathing is the key to Better Health, Peace of Mind, Focus and Concentration. We combine Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy and other methods to achieve the Life of your Dreams.

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Free Course - Experience how your Breathing helps you reduce Tension in your body.

At the moment, only in Norwegian.


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Do you often have the feeling of going uphill? That you work with the same patterns and emotions over and over again, without being able to turn things around? There are often unconscious patterns that stop us from getting the life we want, the life we dream of. Unconscious beliefs that prevent us from making the best choices and making the changes we are ready to make.

At the moment only physical courses in English.

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The Breath is the key to improve your Health, Boost your Energy, Inner Peace, Concentration and Happiness.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. “        
Charles Darwin

What is included in the course
Improve your Breathing in 30 days?

Exercises every day

You get access to a Member Portal and every day you'll receive a reminder (by email) from us:

Simle instruction on

- VIDEOs and MP3

- PDF documents

Learn How to Let Go of Unwanted Feelings

Day 15, you will learn how to let go of unpleasant feelings that might appear when you start doing the exercises with deep and fast breathing.
It becomes easier to smile and laugh spontaneously like children do.

The breath is the key to quickly change your state of mind.

Inner Journey

You get access to Inner Journeys which allow the Subconscious mind to let go of unwanted feelings and habits. In the depth of your subconscious you bring out more of your natural qualities and resources such as the ability for inner peace and balance in in your daily life. Becoming more creative, generating new ideas, and finding fresh perspectives. More focused and concentrated.

Aseema has given me tools to deal with difficult issues, and opened my mind to see new possibilities, solutions and perspectives.

It has been of invaluable help in various phases of my life. Aseema is an experienced and professional helper that I recommend to everyone.

Laila Slettehaug / Stavanger Municipality 

I used to have low self esteem, I was insecure and full of fear, and I was low on energy. After the courses with Aseema I have got much more energy, better self esteem and I have found my inner strength. Now I trust myself and my abilities.

Junior high school teacher - Stavanger

Aseema is a very experienced, knowledgeable and skilled coach, instructor and lecturer.

I have both worked with her and attended courses with her several times and can give her my best recommendations.

Nina Natvig - Masseur / Elektro ing.

You have given me my life back! This is help from heaven! It is not possible to thank you enough. It's like everything around me is changing and it's a bit scary to think about my old perspectives and truths I once believed in - thoughts that I used to focus on.

Social worker - Norway

After running a shop for 2 years, I felt a turmoil, which took its toll and created an uncertainty as to whether I should continue or not. Aseema guided me and helped me to release blockages that created this imbalance.
My energy returned, and the stress and anxiety disappeared. I still run the store - now with an inner strength and joy!

Manager of a store - Norway

Are you ready for a change -
or a big change?

Tension in the Neck and Back?


Easy to do exercises - Bio Energy - from a few seconds to 10 minutes each time. You may do them when and where ever you want.

Improve you Breathing in 30 days

NOK3 900

The course is for you who want a quick result. You get short exercises you do every day for 30 days. The result is a more effective breathing, You boost your energy, become focused and present - SO THAT YOU SHALL ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS ..

You have nothing to loose? 

Money back guarantee. If you follow the structure of the course and do all the exercises during the first 10 days, and are not satisfied with the result - you will get your money back.

Faq - questions and answers


No, our focus is to release tension the breathing process.  We have tensions in the body that prevent  us breathing deeply, and these are the tensions we work with in the courses with Aseema. When the tension is released in the chest, neck, abdomen, pelvis and back, neck and shoulders, the breath begins to flow freely. Then you automatically breathe deeper and more effective. You breath in more oxygen, and as important; you get rid of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other waste products.

When breathing becomes free and natural, you can start learning breathing exercises if you want to.


We do not focus on whether you breathe right or wrong, the question is rather; do you breathe optimally? Not many people breathe optimally, and the first step is to release tension in the body. Tension that prevent optimal breathing. Join us at Improve your Breathing in 30 days, since it often takes 30 days to create good and lasting habits.  That's why most exercises are done in 5 to 10 minutes, so you can easily incorporate them into your busy day.

Are you supposed to breath with your belly?

Yes, when you breath deeply and naturally, most of the movement will be from the belly and pelvis. The diaphragm, located below the lungs, is the major muscle of respiration.

This muscle divides the chest from the abdominal cavity. This muscle is dome-shaped when it is relaxed, i.e. on the out-breath. Upon inhalation, the diaphragm contracts and flattens and the chest cavity enlarges. This contraction creates a vacuum, which pulls air into the lung, air rich in oxygen. Upon exhalation, the diaphragm relaxes and returns to its domelike shape, and air is forced out of the lungs, especially carbon dioxide.

Most people have tension around the diaphragm. A lot of people have learn to suck in your stomach, resulting in a shallow breath. Get too little oxygen to all the body's processes. And just as important: the lungs will not get rid of the carbon dioxide on the out-breath. You also fail to use your full potential; in relation to sex, in relation to training, studies, communication, talking, singing, concentration, relaxation ... Simply in relation to living ... YOUR FULL POTENTIAL!


Yes, it may be therapeutic, but when we teach it on the online classes, it is a level where it is more about coming back to your natural breathing.

We use Bioenergetic Breathing and it is basically just fast, deep, regular breathing. It is not a relaxing breathing method (though you may feel very pleasantly calm and at ease after a session with Bioenergetic Breathing). 


Yes, they might. When we experience pain, sorrow, anger, fear, we hold our breath, or breathe very superficially. These feelings settle in muscles and tissues. When we start to focus on our breathing, the goal is also to eventually let go of these outdated feelings. This will probably not be the case on the shorter courses, but it can certainly happen when you do the exercises over a longer period of time, and especially when you start to do deeper and faster breathing.

To help with this "Release Process" we will teach you a method on day 15 on the course Improve your Breathing in 30 days. In addition, we have give you some inner Journeys which will help your subconscious to let go of outdated emotions, thoughts and beliefs without you even needing to know what happening in the depth of your inner mind. Though you may notice changes like; easier to smile, finding solutions faster, communicating differently, becoming more relaxed and present in the moment, thinking more clearly ...

what is the most effective way to reduce stress?

The breath is the key to reduce stress. Just in a few seconds you may change your state of mind by changing you breathing. 

That said, you are not necessarily reducing stress by just by breathing in deeply. I am sure you have heard that anxious people or people in pain should take a deep breath. That is very often creating more anxiety and stress. 

Another way to reduce stress is hypnotherapy or deep communication with your subconscious. You may call it focused awareness. We do online classes or just inner journeys where we talk to your Subconscious Mind - Private Subconcious Process. You may call it Therapeutic Meditation. The ones which we recommend are the In Journey for Change, we us Private Subconscious Process (PSP) to  change habits, thoughts, beliefs, fixed mindsets and inner strategies. Changing the underlying cause to the stress.

PSP will resolve the original subconscious cause of a presenting problem and eliminate permanently the symptoms. You achieve this yourself using PSP to re-activate your own natural inner process.     

It is as if you have been hypnotized since you were a child, hypnotized to believe that you are not good enough, that is dangerous to be abandoned, it is painful to be rejected, we should always at our best, we must achieve something "all the time" .... guilt, shame, fear ... Is it time to become unhypnotized? Through PSP you may rediscover your own values, self-worth and self--love ... your birthright.